Top 7 Energy-Efficient Upgrades For Your Luxury Home

Top 7 Energy-Efficient Upgrades For Your Luxury Home

Marvin, North Carolina, is a charming suburban neighborhood with a tight-knit community and welcoming atmosphere. The area's picturesque landscapes, dotted with lush greenery and serene locales, provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of nearby cities.

Residents enjoy a high quality of life thanks to excellent schools, numerous recreational parks, and a vibrant spirit. Marvin offers a harmonious blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences, making it a sought-after residential destination. Whether you already own Marvin real estate or are interested in purchasing a home in Marvin, having energy-efficient upgrades will go a long way in increasing the value of your home and saving you money.

If you spend a significant amount of money on heating and cooling bills, it’s likely your home could use some energy-efficient upgrades. The good news is that it’s simple enough to invest in a few improvements that will enhance energy efficiency and increase your home’s value. By making one or more of the updates suggested below, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Adding new insulation, professional air sealing, and upgrading your HVAC system provides exceptional comfort throughout the year.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Energy improvements can reduce allergens, dust, and moisture, creating a healthier and happier living environment.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: With the rising energy costs across the nation, lower energy bills are always desirable. Reducing energy usage today is a win for you and the home's future occupants.
If your primary goal is to increase the value of your home, don't worry! Let's discuss energy-efficient upgrades to enhance your luxury home’s value.

Add new insulation to your home

Insulating your attic properly is one of the simplest ways to improve energy efficiency. It will also solve issues like cold air drafts, ice dams, and increased heating and cooling bills. Most home builders use quality insulation; however, that insulation will wear down over time, especially throughout the seasons.

As your home begins to settle, it will likely form air leaks around windows, doors, attic structures, the foundation, etc. These factors alone contribute to adding insulation around your home, especially in the attic and basement, to increase your energy efficiency. Spray foam is an affordable option, costing between $1 and $4.50 per square foot, and sellers can recoup a significant portion of the costs.

Upgrade your windows to double-pane

Your windows can significantly improve your energy efficiency and enhance the appearance of your home. Energy Star-rated windows are an excellent way to help maintain a consistent temperature inside your home year-round and reduce energy bills by anywhere between 21% and 31%. Upgrading your windows to double-pane with insulated glass is an excellent way to increase energy efficiency and add significant value.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are an excellent way to harness clean energy to lower your electric bills. Solar panels allow you as homeowners to produce your energy, reducing the amount used by your local utility. Although they require a significant investment (around $3,500 to $35,000 on average), they can increase your home's value.

Replace the garage door

An often overlooked task is replacing the garage door with a more efficient model. A new garage door can reduce energy loss by up to 71% by preventing air leaks and regulating temperatures. Furthermore, if your current garage door is dated in appearance, a new door can enhance curb appeal, which can also increase your home’s value.

Add weatherstripping to exterior doors

Installing door sweeps or weatherstripping on exterior doors helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures, reduces energy waste, and keeps pests out. This affordable project typically costs between $20 and $30 and can result in immediate energy savings.

Upgrade your major home systems

In most homes, electric water heaters are a significant energy consumer. Investing in a new water heater, especially an efficient one, can be financially rewarding. With electric heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) now offered by all major manufacturers, opting for energy-efficient choices makes sense.

Upgrading to an electric storage water heater with highly efficient heat pumps can save around $3,500 over the unit’s lifetime. While water heaters vary in price, a tankless water heater is a more energy-efficient option, saving you $80 to $100 annually.

If your HVAC equipment fails to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or is over a decade old, invest in a new Energy Star-certified unit. Doing so could significantly reduce your annual energy expenses, depending on your location. Heat pumps are efficient systems that cool your home in hot weather and provide warmth during cooler periods. A heat pump runs, on average, around $3,500 to $7,500 for U.S. homeowners. If your home requires ductwork installation, the total project cost might be $15,000 or more.

Installing a programmable thermostat is another simple and cost-effective way to boost energy efficiency. These devices can adjust or deactivate heating and cooling systems while you are away or asleep, which helps reduce energy consumption further.

Are you ready to get started?

As you can see, increasing your home’s energy efficiency offers various benefits, from lowering energy bills to increasing property value. However, before you commit to any upgrade, conducting a cost versus benefit analysis is essential to ensure the upgrade aligns with your home’s needs. Consult with a local real estate agent to help determine if the upgrade is proven to add value.

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