Home Organization Tips Part Three - Your Bedroom

Home Organization Tips Part Three - Your Bedroom
Organization in your home is extremely important, but a lot of homeowners struggle with how to do it, how to keep up with it, what to buy, etc. There is an overwhelming amount of options due to the power of social media and consumers being able to post their favorite items to use in their homes. 
We are back with a few simple tips from The Sally Awad Group to help with organizing your BEDROOM:

Rollaway Storage.

  • There is a lot of unused space underneath furniture, for example, the bed. Underneath the bed often becomes a really cluttered or trashed area and loses its ability to be great storage. Lots of times There are several rolling storage bins and shelving that can fit underneath the bed or even other pieces of furniture. This same tip can be applied to any piece of furniture that rests off the ground enough to fit something under.
  • Use a basket or storage ottoman to store extra pillows and blankets, especially overnight when your bed is unmade. This keeps everything out of the way and tidy. It can also be a great place to store these items in the summer when you may not need a bunch of extra heavy blankets laying around.
  • Caddies that hang over the bed can help to hold items that would normally clutter a nightstand or bedside table. It helps to keep items that easily get lost all in one place (i.e. remotes, reading glasses, cords for charging). It is clean and can be hidden away in between the furniture and the bed.
  • Use a piece of furniture (like a small dresser) that has multiple drawers as a nightstand to expand your clothing storage. It can be used for undergarments, clothing, pajamas, nightly routine items, or even out-of-season clothing or extra sheets.
  • Drawer Dividers can help maximize space within the drawers. It helps keep small items like undergarments visible and organized. It also helps to make sure nothing is falling.

Maximize Shoe & Accessory Storage

  • Jewelry can easily be stored in a wall mirror cabinet.
  • Scarves and belts can be stored on hooks (either over-the-door hangers or just hooks on the wall). 
  • Store heels on tension rods in nooks or shoes on organizational racks to free up space and keep matches together.

In a Child’s Room

  • Invest in a chest! Not only can this serve as an additional storage area for toys, out-of-season clothes, etc. It can function as extra seating in the room. It can also be one of those items that the child keeps forever and can take for college move-in or to their first home.
  • For an infant, make sure that the changing table has drawers and can do double duty on storage and changing functions.
    Take advantage of extra closet space. Since kid clothes are relatively small, you probably have plenty of room for an extra piece of furniture or simply more storage.
  • Cubbies are a great way to store toys and still look presentable. Get wicker baskets or cute cubby boxes that match the décor of the room to create a streamlined look.
  • Hanging/Floating nets and shelves are a great way to store stuffed animals and other toys up out of the way. It also makes cleaning fun for the kids because they get to toss the animals up into the net!
  • Labels on drawers and cubbies can be your best friend! It helps kids be able to actively participate in the cleaning/organizing if they know where everything goes. For smaller kids who cannot yet read, use pictures to illustrate what they should be put where.
  • Remember to consistently get rid of toys and clothes they’ve aged out of or no longer play with. If you think they may be used for another child, pack them up, label them, and store them somewhere to keep everything organized.
Take 5 minutes every night to tidy. This is one simple tip we’ve all heard before, but it still rings true. If you can get in the habit of cleaning up a little every night, there is a guarantee that there will be no extra organizing to take care of on weekends, days off, etc.
The main thing is to keep a clean and clutter-free area. Find what works for you and your partner! If everyone that inhabits the room is on the same page, it is much more likely that the room and other areas stay organized and tidy. This can save you a lot of frustration and those long days of cleaning. The Sally Awad Group cares about its homeowners and wants you to have the best organization to keep a clean and healthy home. Stay tuned for more from The Sally Awad Group, as we explore other rooms of the house, for some great Home Organization tips! Your Family is Our Top Priority!

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