Home Organization Tips Part Four – Your Garage

Home Organization Tips Part Four – Your Garage
Organization in your home is extremely important, but a lot of homeowners struggle with how to do it, how to keep up with it, what to buy, etc. There is an overwhelming amount of options due to the power of social media and consumers being able to post their favorite items to use in their homes. 
We are back with our final installment of the Home Organization Tips with a few simple tips from The Sally Awad Group to help with organizing your GARAGE:
  • Purge your garage. The first step in organizing the garage is to get rid of old items and create a system. The perfect garage starts by being clean, so take everything out and organize it based on item. This will allow you to have a clean slate to start an organization and can ensure that there are no animals, rodents, or insects lurking in the corners of the garage.
  • Utilize the wall and ceiling space. If you use your garage to store your cars, you know there is not a lot of left-over space.

    • Organizing items and Tupperware on ceiling tracks is a great way to store items out of the way that doesn’t get used often.
    • You can also use PVC Pipes as ceiling storage or as ceiling tracks to store items above where the cars sit.
    • Wire racks are a great way to organize tools and bins on your walls. These shelving units can help keep items in a specific place, especially if you label bins and have them easily accessible. This makes your space look less cluttered and it focuses the attention on the organization!
    • Built-ins and wall shelves are a great way to utilize extra space and ensure that there is no clutter around. This goes for corners too, utilize your corner space by adding in triangular shelves.

  • Crate Storage is a must. A lot of times, people use wire racks to store their bins on top of each other, making the bins on the bottom basically useless and unreachable. Creating a storage rack that doesn’t stack the crates still keeps them out of the way, but allows for easy accessibility at all times. When packing bins and bags, a great way to deter animals and insects is to toss a dryer sheet in each one!
  • Storage Tubes or trash cans can serve as tool storage. This keeps rakes, shovels, and other lawn tools off the ground and in a non-tangled manner. These tubes can be used to store sporting equipment, foldable lawn chairs and so much more. It keeps everything from becoming that pile of junk that each garage has seen at some point. An alternative to this would be wall hooks to store tools horizontally against the wall.
  • Sports Storage can come in many ways. A great way to store balls would be in a ball cage, it can be mounted on a wall or simply sit on the floor, but it keeps balls from rolling around and getting stuck under other areas in the garage.
  • Shoe racks or bins can help keep yard shoes and cleats organized and not in a major pile on the ground. It helps keep the shoes up out of the way to avoid a tripping hazard while also making them look neat and organized even if they are all thrown in a bin.
  • Add a Hook to the garage door lifters for storage of ladders and other larger items to keep them out of the way and in an accessible area. Bikes can be hung on walls with hooks to keep them in a line and out of the way as well.
  • A Pegboard with hooks can be great for tool storage. Store power tools, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. in a way that makes them easy to find and with other like items. Pegboards are easily installed and adjustable. As you grow your tool collection, you can shift items and add hooks to keep up!
These tips should help you keep a clean and safe garage, free of clutter, with all of your items readily available! Many of these organizational products can be found on Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. Find what works for you and your family! The Sally Awad Group cares about its homeowners and wants you to have the best organization to keep a clean and healthy home. We hope you have enjoyed our exploration through the different rooms of the house and the Home Organization tips! Stay tuned for our next blog series on How to Get Your House Market Ready. Your Family is Our Top Priority!

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