6 Family-Friendly Activities in Union County, North Carolina

6 Family-Friendly Activities in Union County, North Carolina

Union County, North Carolina, offers many family-friendly activities that can enrich the lives of every member of your family. Spending time together as a family is an important part of bonding together as a group, and the following activities are the most family-friendly ones available in Union County, North Carolina. This is not an exhaustive list, as there are even more events and venues that feature family-friendly activities in Union County. 

The Museum of the Alphabet

You can learn about alphabets all around the world at the Museum of the Alphabet. It is in Waxhaw, 20 minutes from luxury homes in Weddington, NC. Visit the exhibits and interactive displays that will help you and your family learn more about the development of alphabets and writing systems. Braille, mathematics, and music are also writing systems, and these are also explored in depth at the Museum of the Alphabet. If you love language or linguistics, you will find many interesting things at the Museum of the Alphabet. If you have family members who are interested in language development, the Museum of the Alphabet is one of the best places in Union County, North Carolina you can take them. Spend all day in this amazing museum where you can rekindle your love for all things related to alphabets and writing systems.

Spend the Day at Crooked Creek Park

Crooked Creek Park is a wonderful place to spend time with your family. Everyone in the family can enjoy the trails, baseball fields, and disc golf. Crooked Creek Park also contains an all-natural playground. You can spend the morning walking several trails and exploring the flora and fauna located in Union County. The Splash Pad is a great place for children to cool down during the summer months; meanwhile, picnic tables are available for adults to relax on a busy day. Outdoor games are also popular at the park. Fitness equipment is located throughout different sections of Crooked Creek Park, and for those who love spending time on a bike, there is a great mountain bike trail. If your family has a dog, they will enjoy the dog park and spend the afternoon playing fetch and with other dogs. Baseball fields and softball fields are also available at Crooked Creek Park. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon outdoors.

Explore Why Not An American Ark 

Why Not an American Ark is a zoo in Union County. The zoo contains an equestrian center and an animal rescue center that provides help for exotic animals, rabbits, and dogs. Many different types of animals and breeds of dogs live on the farm. You and your family can spend the day exploring the zoo and the surrounding area of Monroe. Attractions favored by children and adults include a petting zoo, an equestrian center, pony rides, and guided horse rides. If you and your family enjoy horseback riding, you can spend the day exploring the trails around Union County. These great amenities make Why Not an American Ark a great place to spend the day with family members, especially as everyone in the family can enjoy the beautiful scenery and positive atmosphere at the zoo.

Visit Mineral Springs Greenway

One of the best family-friendly activities available in Union County is hiking at one of the various parks in the area. One popular hiking area is Mineral Springs Greenway. It is 20 minutes from luxury homes in Weddington, NC, in Waxhaw. The trail is not difficult and is only three miles long. You can walk over a suspension bridge with your family while you hike the Mineral Springs Greenway and enjoy a day of physical fitness and nature exploration. The trails in Union County offer great opportunities for you to spend quality time with your family and teach your children about the flora and fauna of Union County. The many different trails located throughout the county offer different experiences. You can enjoy your time with them and learn more about the trail system in Union County.

Spend the day at Stallings Municipal Park

Stallings Municipal Park is an exciting place to spend time with your family! The park has three playgrounds and two tennis courts for children and adults to enjoy. After you spend the early morning playing tennis, you can eat lunch at one of the picnic areas in the park. The park has many convenient amenities, including a boardwalk that contains an overlook beside wetlands, a band shell, and restrooms. It’s a perfect place to celebrate a birthday and host a party. If you want to spend a day with your family, Stallings Municipal Park is a great place to do just that and is just 20 minutes from Marvin Creek homes for sale.

Explore Twelve Mile Creek Greenway

Twelve Mile Creek Greenway
contains a suspension bridge between Lancaster, South Carolina, and Waxhaw, North Carolina. You and your family will love exploring the Carolina Thread Trail, the Town of Waxhaw, and the Twelve Mile Creek Trail. Children enjoy this hike because it is simple, safe, and easy. Parking is readily available, and the trail begins at H.C. Nesbit Park. One of the best places to spend quality time with your family is on a hiking trail where you can teach your children about the ecosystems in Union County and the biological diversity in this part of North Carolina.

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